Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slip and Slide!

Several weeks ago, we got to have a weekend with the Evans' cousins while my brother and sister-in-law went on a trip to celebrate their anniversary.  We had a great time with them hanging out with them at my parents' house.  We even decided to break out the Triple slip & slide!  What a blast they all had!!!

We never pass up a time to swim in the pool.   After this summer of living with my parents, I can say that  both of our kids are swimming now.  Addison was really close to swimming at the end of last summer and after about 1 month of swimming this spring, she was great.  Cooper has really been swimming now for about 2 months - the advantage of living with a pool in the backyard has made a HUGE difference! 
Kendra, Addison, Cooper, and Emorie Claire

Unlike the other 4 kids, Trey isn't into swimming anymore.  I guess he is "over" it now, so we didn't even get proof that he swam that weekend!


  1. I love these pictures of the kiddos and all but I'm tired of seeing the same ones. Now that I don't get to see you guys as often, I'm going to need you to update your blog 5 times a week, MMMMKKKKAAAAAYYYY???? Thaaaaaanks!
    Ok, seriously... once a month or two will work. :)
    Love you guys!